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db zerschossen,Posts alle leer !
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db zerschossen,Posts alle leer !
(26.10.2016) by Ironwulf
DB Zerschossen ?
(24.10.2016) by Ironwulf
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27. Okt 2012

Gametracker Information

Allgemein | 27.10.2012 - 01:41:04

Recent GameTracker Database Issues
Yesterday 8:45 PM
Updated October 26th


GameTracker experienced a master database failure this week. The majority of the data has been restored from backup, but there are several servers and particular games that we affected more than others that we are unable to fully restore. Although this does not help people with issues currently, we have also implemented additional measures to prevent this type of data corruption where we are unable to restore 100% of the servers from backup should there be another hardware failure in the future.