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db zerschossen,Posts alle leer !
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28. Jan 2012

Wichtig - [FMR] HP Umzug / [FMR] Statistiken !!!

An alle [FMR] Server Admins.... to all [FMR] server admins.... | FMR Ranking | 28.01.2012 - 23:40:44

im Zuge des Server Host wechsels,

sind bis auf weiteres diverse Funktionen auf der [FMR] Home page sowie in den [FMR] CoOp / CQ Statistik pages teilweise nicht verfügbar

(in diesem Zeitraum erspielte Punkte, Auszeichnungen ect. pp. werden jedoch gezählt bzw. gewertet  - wenn der entsprechende Server vollständig neu gestartet wurde).


CoOp Server :

Alle dem [FMR] angeschlossenen CoOp Server Admins werden gebeten

- zeitnah Ihre CoOP Server neu zu starten -

um die neuen IPs des Backends zu übernehmen.

Ohne vollständigen Server Neustart werden die Statistiken NICHT weiter aktuallisiert !!!


Cq Server :

[FMR] Cq Server Admins melden sich bitte umgehend direkt bei "BassM" im [FMR] TS (

(hier muss die Umstellung manuell erfolgen).


26. Jan 2012

GGC - Fakebans or not ?

Allgemein | 26.01.2012 - 20:30:41

Today we would like to answer the questions that have been discussed on many forums and newspages these days, if we or other Anticheat Communitys do have fakebans. The answer can't be given with just a simple yes or no. We have to dig a little deeper into this topic.
Punkbuster is build to create logs about anomalies like detections of manipulated game processes by cheats. Our Serveradmins allow us to use those logfiles by streaming to us. The Problem about this is, that the process can be manipulated by modifying a gameservers Punkbustersoftware and so Punkbuster could be used to fake a violation with any GUID and Nickname which is then submitted to our banlist via the streaming function.

We do ask ourselves where the security hole at GGC is that some people are talking about now. It's a fact, that the problem is not GGC-Stream, but Punkbuster itself and Evenbalance is aware of that for years now. So it is nothing new about it. Not for us, nor PBBans or others, who have to deal with fake ban attacks:


PBBans - Streaming Security

Allgemein | 26.01.2012 - 20:18:02

Posted Jan 24, 2012 - 05:28 PM

After the recent fake ban events at GGC-Stream this week it's no secret that streaming is not completely secure. It has never been completely secure and the events of 2008 brought that to light. At which time we informed our streaming admins about the situation and possible solutions. The solution was to either close down for good or continue and tighten our security. Streaming admins wanted to continue so that was our decision.

The known fake bans exploit involves using an application to hook into a server and edit its memory to falsify PB logs streamed to a 3rd party. In order for that to happen the person must have full access to the server. In the case of Battlefield 3 the leaked server files could be used to achieve that goal.

The mass fake ban attack in 2008 was a wakeup call for us and we took it very seriously. That is the reason we have the high streaming requirements of requiring teams to have a working website, roster, forums showing activity to name a few. The rest of those requirements can be found here.

20. Jan 2012

[FMR] TS-3 Ip Änderung

FMR Ranking | 20.01.2012 - 13:00:00

Bitte beachten :

der [FMR] eigene TS-3 Teamspeak Server hat seit heute eine neue IP........

please note -

our  [FMR] own TS-3 Teamspeak server has since today a new IP .......



01. Jan 2012

Sands of Fire (2011) Final - BF2 machinima

Movies | 01.01.2012 - 01:00:00

Sands of Fire (2011) Final - BF2 machinima video