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AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.41 Server files
Uploader: P4D-830
Datum: 20.01.2014 - 19:34
Dateigröße: 399,8 MB
: 124
Geschätze Dauer: Modem: 16:38:06
ISDN: 14:33:20
DSL 1000: 00:54:35
DSL 2000: 00:27:17
DSL 6000: 00:09:06
DSL 16000: 00:03:25
Bewertung: 1.0 Punkte (2)
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AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.41 server file pack.

This files are suited for Window OS and linux OS users.


v0.41 Changelog :

Handheld Weapons
- Added new weapons: M16A4 w/ M320 UGL, C9A2
- Added new function: Spread indicator
- Increased accuracy of all pistols
- Added damage attenuation by distance on all pistols
- Increased damage of Glock 19 slightly
- Increased the number of magazine for USP, GSH and Kimber by 1
- Added Kimber w/ suppressor
- Changed the firing sound for Kimber
- Increased accuracy of F2000 (MEC) slightly when ADS
- Increased accuracy of MASADA slightly when crouching
- Decreased damage of AK47 and AK103
- Increased the number of magazine for AK47 and AK103
- Decreased damage of G36E, G36K, M16A4 slightly
- Increased the number of magazine for M41A Pulse Rifle (pick-up kit)
- Increased accuracy of Steyr AUG when crouching
- Decreased recoil of Steyr AUG slightly
- UN medics now have MASADA instead of L85A1
- Increased damage of all battle rifles slightly
- Increased accuracy of SIG552
- Decreased damage of SIG552
- Decreased spread of HK53A3 when firing full-burst
- Decreased spread of AK74u when standing slightly
- Increased damage of all submachineguns slightly
- Increased the number of magazine on all bolt-action sniper rifles
- Added 3rd zoom (25x) on all bolt-action sniper rifles
- Increased accuracy of all bolt-action sniper rifles when prone
- Increased the number of magazine on all semi-auto sniper rifles
- Increased accuracy of all semi-auto sniper rifles slightly when standing and crouching
- Increased damage of all anti-material sniper rifles slightly
- Anti-material rifles now can be fired from standing and crouching posture, but fires with a very bad accuracy
- Increased interval until spread calms on all anti-material sniper rifles
- Decreased accuracy on all anti-material sniper rifles slightly
- Added 3rd zoon (25x) on binoculars

- Added new function: ironsights for vehicle-mounted MGs
- Added new sounds for some jets and helicopters
- Anti-ground rocket pods on all jets now fires 6-burst with 18 rounds per magazine
- Decreased reloading time of flares by 10 seconds
- Gunner of F-15/Su-34/Su-30 now can fire AGM in both TV-Guided and Fire-and-Forget (lock-on) modes
- All jets with 1800rpm MG now have 300 rounds (approx. 30 rounds until overheat)
- All jets with 900rpm MG now have 150 rounds (approx. 15 rounds until overheat)
- Increased damage of 900rpm MG on jets



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